Alphabet français

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Paris Granville, illustrated by Binny Hobbs


The AllLearner Alphabet is a mnemonic representation of the French alphabet for English speakers. Help all your students learn the alphabet quickly and permanently. The "battle-tested" AllLearner Alphabet has been refined over years of classroom experience:

Each flash card shows a colorful scene that suggests the sound associated with each letter. Examples: The letter "A" pronounced "Ah" in French, is represented by a doctor putting a tongue depressor in a patient's mouth. The letter "Z", pronounced "Zed" in French, is represented by the cordial Farmer Zed.

Designed to Help American's Learn the Alphabet with Ease

The illustrations for each letter offer a fun way for students to remember its pronuncation and sound. It motivates all learners, including those who have difficulty with rote memory.

Photocopiable Student Alphabet Cards

Students can manipulate their own alphabet cards to quiz their partner and teach their family.


Full color flashcards help you teach the alphabet to students. Later you can post them as a frieze to help spell out words in French.

Smartboard Graphics

All the letters with their illustration are on a single page . You can use this to sing an alphabet song or to mark of called letters for alphabet bingo.


This unit includes a animated alphabets so that students for independant review. It also is a great review when a monolingual substitute must teach your class. The DVD also include a special program on accents

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