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Take advantage standards-based lesson plans to train your students to survive the French café. Teach your students authentic café foods and beverages with pictures, animations, beverage tasting, information gap activities, sorting, and special video presentations by Belgian children and French teenagers.

Train your students to interact with real French waiters while being polite through interpersonal conversations, drama situations, and video conversations in several cafés. Review or introduce the Euro with our information gap activities, video presentation, fake Euros and estimating activities. Create a café experience with our customizable organizers.

Standards-based Lesson Plans

We designed the standards-based lesson plans to help your students achieve the communicate objectives of the unit:

  • Students will successfully order and pay at the French café.
  • Students will be polite, if not charming, with the waitstaff.
  • Students will use a variety of vocabulary when speaking about the café.
  • Students will use strategies to keep the communication flowing in French.

They unit is divided into 8 sections that make it easy for you to teach and for students to acheive the desired performance. Skills are broken into manageable steps. All the activities provide visual support for the language so that you and the students can keep the instruction in French even when discussing cultural differences.

Performance Assessments

In addition to several assessments during the unit, the last section empowers you to create a café experience for your students. At the café expérience students order real café food from native French-speakers in the community. Everything to help you make this daunting event easy: planning timeline, tips for organizing volunteers and food, troubleshooting, customizable letters to volunteers, simple recipes. customizable provision list, and a simple rubic for the French waiters to use.

Photocopiable Student Handouts

The teacher handbook also includes student handouts that you can copy for your class as needed: vocabulary cards, play euros, information gap activities, sorting conversations, beverage tasting discussions, comparisons of French and American cafés, estimation of cost of food in Euros, strategies for communication, sample menus and more.

Color Graphics

The color graphics for powerpoint or smartboard use allow you to use the vocabulary cards on the overhead while students manipulate their vocabulary. There are images for the food, beverages, and anatomy of a café section. There is also a color transparency of the typical French brands from the informantion gap activity and a café scene that you can use to create an authentic backdrop for your conversations. (Also available in a smartboard-friendly format)

cafe standards 154DVD

The DVD contains over an hour of programs for you to use in small doses during the unit. Many of the videos are interactive: a closeup guessing game of the foods, listening activities, photos of real French cafés, typical café activities, Belgian children demonstrating how to make beverages, conversations with the French teenagers and the waiter, differences between French and American cafés, presentation of the Euro, and an interactive game.

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