Unos animalitos astutos

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Priscilla Russel


This thematic unit helps intermediate students of Spanish to narrate stories in the past. Three authentic Mexican stories provide a language rich context for communication. The lesson plans, stories and assessments are mapped to the National Standards for Foreign Language. This unit contains everything you need to get started on Monday:

animalitos standardsStandards-based Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for each story prepare students for the language-rich animal stories by offering a wide variety of pre-reading, reading, and post-reading activities that support the standard objectives.

Performance Assessments

In addition to suggestions for formative assessment, the unit includes a scaffold, rubric and suggestioned titles for a final project. Students work in groups to create an animal tale told in the past. There is also an integrated performance task where students use their skills to interprete a new story.

Photocopiable Student Handouts

The teacher handbook also includes student handout that you can copy for your class as needed. These include story maps, student flashcards, sentence strips, and other worksheets.

Flashcards and Storytelling Props

We have included flashcards and story props so that the students can practice retelling the stories and create new ones with the characters.

Color Graphics

The color graphics for smartboard or powerpoint use provide a rich backdrop for telling the stories. Each story has a different authentic setting in Mexico. Las orejas del conejo includes cenotes. El león y el grillo takes place in a rainforest.


The new version of this unit includes a animated versions of the stories told by our Mexican narrator, Cristina Vargas. Each story comes alive on the screen to help students interact with the text. We have also included a sample student-made story. If you already own the unit and would like to upgrade to the DVD version please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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